Restaurant At.moshpere - Burj Khalifa, DUBAI

Yuki collaborated with New York based consultant Julie Keyes, in conjunction with Tihany Design to produce two large-scale paintings commissioned by Emaar Hotels and Resorts LLC, Dubai.

The paintings hang prominently in the Main Dining Hall and the Private Room inside restaurant At.mosphere, located on the 122th floor of the Burj Khalifa (right). The world's tallest building is also home to the first Armani Hotel, and now takes the concept of fine dining to new heights.

" It's a journey... this is your luxury yacht in the sky. It's almost
like taking a space trip but you're sitting on something grounded "

-Adam Tihany

The outline for the commission was for the art work to be constructed into multiple-panel screens and hung on wall; one 10ft by 8ft and the second 8ft by 8ft (left: impression prior installation).

The tone or the color of the work would be in Yuki's signature Red and Black on paper, bringing the sense of 'nature' into the space. The theme or concept of the representational images would be decided by the artist.

For this ambitious new restaurant, Yuki chose "KO" or "BRIGHTNESS" to emphasize the bright future ahead, and "KAZE" or "BREEZE" (bottom right) to bring good fortune, as they both were going to hung over looking Dubai (detailed translation in above slide).

The earthly qualities are achieved through utilizing rich organic materials. The paintings were executed on several large handmade paper; using traditional Japanese pigments and charcoal ink which gives the surface its natural mat finish. Each painting was painted outdoors in the artist's countryside atelier, 2 hours south of Tokyo. The painting was then cut into tiles and put back together to be mounted on hollow light-weight panels made of wood and lacquer.

ll the work was done in Japan, and they were shipped directly to Dubai. The commission was expedited, taking 3 months from start to finish.

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